Job Title: Senior Repatriation Assistant Vacancy Notice: LICA/KEN/KAK/21/003 Position Number Local ICA
Location: Kakuma Position Grade: LICA 5 Closing Date: 2021-06-10
Organizational Context

Under the direct supervision of the Senior Protection officer, the incumbents’ priority function will be to assist in verifying and confirming the voluntariness of the intention of the refugees intending to return to country of origin and ensure that they make an informed decision based on accurate country of origin information. The Senior Repatriation Assistant will undertake day-to-day counselling of refugees at an integrated Return Help Desk located at camp level and through remote modalities.


-           Accurate and duly completed Return Help Desk Counselling Forms for each refugee visiting the desk to make return related inquiries;

-           Accurate statistical reporting and recording in ProGress database of return related events;

-           Precise and detailed knowledge and application of the return pathway;

-           Provision of accurate country of origin information to facilitate the making of an informed decision;

-           Number of cases referred to the Protection and Field teams for further follow-up in instances where repatriation is not the appropriate course of action;

-           Accurate completion of voluntary return forms which should tally with number of persons returning, health screening forms issued and movement passes issued;

-           All returning refugees undergo counselling;

-           All returning refugees do not sign the voluntary repatriation form until after the 7 day reflection period;

-           All returning refugee are in possession of duly completed voluntary repatriation forms

-           All returning refugees undergo medical screening before departure;

-           All returning refugees are issued with movement passes;

-           All returning refugees undergo initial mine risk education before departure;

-           All returning refugees collect their unconditional cash grant and core relief items before departure;

-           All returning refugees are accommodated at the transit center safely and provided with food;

-           All protection safeguards outlined in the SOPs are respected; in particular with regard to family unity and child protection pre-requisites;

-           All bus manifests are duly completed and shared with the Senior Protection Officer / Resettlement and Complementary Officer

-           All persons with special needs are assisted;

-           Convoy movements depart on time, under Police escort, in safety and dignity

-          All returning refugees are subjected to health screening and observe Covid-19 protocols.


Under the supervision of the Senior Protection Officer/Resettlement and Complementary Pathway Officer, the Snr Repatriation Assistant will:


-        Interview candidates for voluntary repatriation and ensure that they make informed decisions on returns, based on up to date information on the conditions in the country of origin.

-          Assist in proposing documents (including Voluntary Repatriation Forms) and ensure that refugees are provided with the appropriate documentation.

-        Facilitate UNHCR’s access and communication to/with individual and communities of concern, including through translation and cultural mediation.

-       Participate in mass information activities aimed at informing refugee communities and other relevant stakeholders about the voluntary repatriation programme.

-        Provide logistics and administrative support to voluntary repatriation border-crossing/return movements.

-       Assist in assessing the specific needs of vulnerable categories of returnees during return movements and advise on responses

-      Assist in providing/disseminating information to refugees relevant to voluntary repatriation to countries of origin;

-           Assist in counselling individuals and families wishing to return home;

-           Assist in completion of Voluntary Return Forms;

-         Assist in compilation of daily, weekly and monthly reports of Return Help Desk activities;

-           Assist in managing Return Help Desks;

            -          Undertake any other assignment related to return, as directed by the Senior Protection Officer/Resettlement and Complementary Pathway Officer






Essential Minimum Qualifications and Experience

-  Education: Completion of Secondary School with post-secondary course works/certificates and/or diploma in International Law or International relation or Political science or a related field.

Fluency in English and working knowledge of another relevant UN language or local language

Desirable Qualifications & Competencies

-Computer skills.

-Good knowledge of UNHCR’s protection mandate and operations

-At least 2 years of previous relevant job experience

-Experience in the context of protection or repatriation, including protection interventions and monitoring especially in Refugee camp settings.

-Knowledge of UNHCR’s data management tool (ProGress V4) will be added advantage.


Candidates may also be tested on relevant cross function competencies.  Examples are listed below:-

Cross – Functional Competencies

-           Analytical Thinking

-           Innovation & Creativity

-           Technological Awareness

-           Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

-           Planning & Organizing

-           Policy Research & Development

-           Political Awareness

-           Stakeholder Management

-           Change Capability & Adaptability

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